Monday, 2 January 2012

What actually happened (long post warning)

I guess it's the time of the year that makes me think more deeply about things in life, and right now I'm thinking about the things I did wrong leading up to this holiday period just gone. I won't dwell on it for very long but I think it will be useful to point out a few things that could have been done differently and perhaps prevented the slips and slides that I experienced.

First of all, I should have had a solid plan in terms of what to do on the different days during Christmas and new year. As it happens I had a big row with the bf and ended up totally alone on Christmas Eve. I felt as if I was all alone in the world with nobody to love me, which is of course complete BS, but it inevitably led to my wallowing in a deep pit of self-pity. That's when the first thoughts about picking up a drink reared their ugly heads. I didn't even panic about it. At the time I thought I was being perfectly rational about it. Yeah right.

Anyway... I had three small glasses of Bailey's and I have to admit it tasted nice, but it did absolutely nothing for me. Knowing that I didn't want to get drunk I only had those three, then had a cup of tea and went to bed. Totally pointless in other words. I woke up the next morning with a bad feeling in my gut about having done something wrong, but I didn't have the energy to analyse it so I ignored it and carried on with Christmas Day. It was a really nice day that ended in a meeting and hanging out with bf who decided to be nice to honour the day, which is what I did as well.

Boxing Day arrives and it starts getting hard again... Arguments with the bf and people arriving for a poker game, people getting drunk and loud and I was offered a shot of something. I declined but my heart was racing and I thought I could have had that one. After all, I had those drinks the other day and that was OK, right? After that I had to take myself out of there so I went and fed my friend's fish. However, my mind was completely overtaken by the thought of having another go at drinking. There was no way I could stay in the situation and not drink from that point onwards... So instead of staying out of the way (or phoning my sponsor!), I joined in the poker game (in which I did surprisingly well, I must add) and asked the bf if I could have some of his Bailey's. He was surprisingly cool about it and said yes, and he filled my glass up a couple of times after that too. Again, it did absolutely nothing for me apart from the artificial feeling of being "a part of it" which I really wasn't because I couldn't concentrate on the game or what was being said around me. It felt as if there was this haze around me, as if I was all alone in a bubble with other people just floating around me. I couldn't really connect with others which was a horrible feeling. It subsided after a while, after I hadn't drank for a couple of hours.

I ended up having to take care of the bf who was suddenly struck by a horrendous migraine and I slept for a couple of hours on the floor next to him to be near him. The next day I felt numb and decided not to analyse it again, although I did tell my sponsor in very non-committal way. I didn't even know I was doing it, but I was trying really hard to be casual about it and make it sound as if I'm not an alcoholic and maybe I don't need to go to AA anymore. She saw right through me of course which at the time seemed such a nuisance; "I knew she wouldn't believe me!" kinda thing. The days leading up to NYE I didn't drink, I didn't fancy it and didn't think much about it, apart from thinking that I felt trapped in this whole AA "I'm never gonna drink again" business.

NYE came along and I had 2 pts of cider, which again was totally pointless as I didn't want to get drunk and didn't particularly enjoy the taste. And even though I didn't get drunk I was so, so, so aware of the fact that I was drinking that I was terrified of actually seeming drunk, so I couldn't relax properly anyway. It's this awkwardness, obsession and fear that proves to me that I AM INDEED AND ALCOHOLIC and that I should steer well clear of any alcoholic drink. It doesn't matter that it was "alright" at the time, that the world didn't end, or that I didn't do anything stupid, or that I didn't get a hangover. Those things are just LUCKY. And I don't believe in leading your life hoping for luck to be on your side. Especially when there are obvious and proven ways of doing things to prevent those bad things from happening, the major one being to NOT pick up that first drink.

These experiments were lucky escapes, and really, what's the point in tempting fate after all this hard work. Where is my gratitude? I really feel like an ungrateful bitch moaning about why I can't be like everyone else. Because I'm NOT like everyone else. Tough. But there is a really good way of living with that fact. Enjoy life sober and not obsess about that stupid drink. It gives me absolutely nothing. Yeah, some alcoholic drinks taste nice, but so does hundreds of non-alcoholic drinks so it's not like I'm missing out on anything.

So here's to day 2 of a new journey towards acceptance and surrender.


  1. Keep coming back, friend. It gets so much better, just don't leave before the miracle happens.

  2. Your post is about going through the motions and you are so obviously over the motions.
    Can't wait to read more, I really like your blog!

  3. Thanks for writing this... I am not sure how long you were sober for when writing but it was an interesting glimpse for me. I was just talking to my bf last night, told him I was considering talking him into having a drink with me (we both quit, both recovering and about 2 months in minus his one slip), he said that he had thought about it that day too but recognizes we wouldn't have what we have if we lived that way. We cant drink anymore, it will rob us of everything we are and most importantly the love we have built SOBER. Anyway, hope you post soon :) Briana