Monday, 16 May 2011


10 days. My appointment with a detox doctor is in 10 days. Week Thursday.

I've managed to moderate my drinking somewhat during the weeks. When the weekend comes around it's infinitely harder. Especially if there is an argument hanging in the air, which was the case this friday just gone. Strangley, I made up with my boyfriend before I got drunk, but then somehow during the evening I forgot all about moderation and good intentions and without making a concsious decision about it, proceeded to get absolutely smashed. Consequently I missed the AA meeting the next morning and didn't even remember it until later on in the afternoon when I slowly came to. I've had to pay for that slip up for two days with headaches and anxiety, still today I don't feel right. During the Saturday I was drinking slowly throughout the day to stop myself from going mad, yesterday I managed to only have 3 small (125ml) glasses of wine which for me even for a normal weekday is extremely little. I thank the Sunday AA meeting for that. It stops me from drinking before the meeting, even though I usually have one in the afternoon, and it makes me not fancy a drink after. So good all around really... I just wish I was in recovery now so I could start doing the proper work. 

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