Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Getting over myself

Ok, so somebody broke somebody else's anonymity in a pretty brutal way last week. It was and is none of my business but I could so feel for the person who's anonymity was broken in this very insensitive way. It resulted in that person resigning from a service position for my homegroup. It didn't sit well with me at all. It made matters worse that the guilty party has been in the rooms for over 35 years and has jokingly been called the AA God because the person is always full of good advice and inspiration. Since I am by nature quite drawn to drama and sometimes guilty of creating some, I considered boycotting the meeting where this person is a regular... My sponsor in her infinite wisdom and experience gently reminded me of the "principles before personalities" concept and that she is going for the benefit of others (in this case a newcomer in particular). I ended up going with them not knowing what to expect and it was a fantastic meeting! I just sat there with a big grin on my face, as again there were loads of newcomers, returning newcomers and wonderful shares. I'm so grateful to have people around me that keep me in the here and now and remind me of what's actually important. And that it's not all about me and my stupid opinions. I still feel the same about the incident because I think the principle of anonymity is a very sacred one, but my actions don't have to be defined by those feelings. I just have to do the next right thing which is keep going to meetings and be there for the newcomer!

Another lesson gratefully learnt.

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  1. "Anyone who thinks they're important is usually just a pompous moron who can't deal with his or her own pathetic insignificance and the fact that what they do is meaningless and inconsequential."
    William Thomas
    I put this in my last blog post too. Seems like we all need a dose!