Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lack of compassion, take 2

I calculated my BMI today and it thinks I'm underweight. It turned out to be 18.3 and according to the online BMI calculator anything under 18.5 is underweight. This is of course utter rubbish which I was relieved to learn in my course work where it says that BMI is a very unreliable method of measuring how healthy you are on the scale of underweight to obese. So there... if anyone worries about their BMI, considering how it's trumpeted in the media, stop right now and find some other measurement. We are all different.

Went to my usual Thursday night meeting and sometimes I just wish I'd stayed in. As much as I'm trying to practice humility and compassion... I'm not quite there yet! When you go to a meeting don't talk about Buddhism for 10 minutes, or put yourself forward as the AA Messiah who is saving everyone (this guy spoke for 15 minutes in a story telling fashion about his endevour to save this one alcoholic that had turned up at a meeting recently, and I swear half of the story was made up - you could tell from the way he told it and the hesitation). What the chair person was doing I don't know. If I was in that service position I'd probably have tried to moderate the meeting somewhat. When a drunken relapser (bless him) comes in to share for the second time and starts droning on about how Buddhism forbids him to think of his personality and how the 12 steps would destroy his personality, it's probably time to put a cap on it for the sake of the rest of the members.

That's the end of my rant for today. Anyway, I'm grateful I'm not the one who's relapsed. I'm grateful for another sober and fairly productive day (I've raced ahead with my studies, finished a book on Bushido, been to the gym and a meeting). It's pretty good to be me today.

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  1. Love your critical eye - and you're right, it is perfectly allowable to be utterly intolerant of mediocrity.
    Keep flying the flag for us!