Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Birthday and forgetfulness

It was my 31st birthday on Sunday. My friend took me to a lovely city and we ended up shopping all day. We stopped for lunch at a Scottish fish restaurant which had amazing food and really good staff all for a reasonable price. It was the perfect day out. After that we picked up our partners and went for dinner in the village next door to ours. That was ok too. However, after 9pm I got a text message from an AA friend asking me if I was ok, and I was mortified to realise that I had actually forgotten to go to the meeting at my homegroup, and I hadn't told anyone! I felt sooo guilty and I also regret missing the main share which apparently was really good. Oh well... at least I missed it because I was having a good time sober rather than falling about drunk on my birthday.

In the preceding weeks leading up to my birthday I'd been sharing about how good it feels to be able to make plans and actually believe that they are going to happen. While I was drinking that wasn't an option. If things happened as planned it was just down to luck and that's something I didn't have much of. Mostly I would wake up so hungover that I couldn't do anything, or if I could follow through with something I'd spend all day wishing I was at home in bed or in the bar. Not anymore, and I'm so grateful for that!

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  1. Happy belated 31st! Mine is two day's before yours and I'm the same age as well.
    It sounds like you had a good day I hope the rest of your year contiues on in as good a manner.