Sunday, 4 December 2011

Amazing meeting

Tonight's meeting was nothing short of brilliant. The person doing the main share has been sober since 1976! That's four years before I was born (which I couldn't help but mentioning when it came to my turn to share). Everyone in the room shared and I was struck by the variety of people there tonight. Two of them have only been sober the last few days and are finding their way in a new reality. They both sounded so positive and their honesty was breathtaking. I remember so well what that felt like. In my case it was a mixture of sheer dread and excitement. I was looking forward to the clarity of mind, the physical and (relative) mental well-being, the novelty of it all.

Today I'm grateful for a whole host of things; that I've completed (for now) steps 4 and 5, that I got to experience a refreshing and honest meeting tonight, that things at home are nice and calm, that I have wonderful friends that love and support me, that my best friend is coming home soon, that I've been able to make plans for my 31st birthday knowing that they will actually happen. That'll do!

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