Friday, 25 November 2011

Early morning musings

It's 6.40am where I am, at my laptop, in the front room of the shared house I live in. 40 minutes ago I was woken up by somebody using the bathroom which is located right next to my bedroom door. Luckily I slept pretty well before that happened (even though it was only for 5 hours) so I'm not completely shattered.

I've just had three pretty bad days in a row. The first day was not so bad, the second day a bit worse, the third day (yesterday) was just awful. Nothing in particular happened. I just haven't been doing the next right thing. I haven't been getting up early, I haven't been going to the gym, I've eaten rubbish food, I've smoked loads of cigarettes, drank too many sugary teas, I haven't prayed or meditated. Towards the end of my shift at work yesterday I was compiling a list of what to do's and not to do's, and as much as I abhor lists nowadays, it helped me focus and after that I was sort of able to start my day again. This is why I didn't stay in bed when I woke up at 6am - my alarm was going to go off an hour later anyway, and had I fallen asleep again I'd have felt awful and probably stayed in bed and started the whole cycle all over again.

I'm not doing that.

It's incredible how the little things, the little choices, can make such a difference.


  1. First thing in the morning the best thing is to get up and out and moving.
    There is nothing more stultifying than lying in bed reflecting on what might have been.
    Get up, put your shoes on and walk around the block. It will ground you immediately and give you a positive sense of accomplishment.
    Just my two cents, hope I'm not being too didactic.

  2. Hope you get on the right track today. I know how you feel, when you aren't taking care of yourself things seem worse of. Be kind to yourself and start you day of positive!!

    Hoping you have a brighter day!!