Friday, 25 November 2011

Article about alcoholism in Japan

If it wasn't such a serious subject, I'd find this article and its comments absolutely hilarious! Whoever is responsible for the facts in this piece of writing hasn't got a clue what alcoholism is, never mind the commentators further down on the page. Read and laugh, if you can bare it!

Here are some highlights:

"“A man who drinks three large bottles of beer every day might become an alcoholic in 15 years,” he says. “A woman drinking at that pace has a good chance of becoming an alcoholic in seven or eight years.”"

From the comments:
"I have a marriage problem getting in the way of my drinking. I'd like to drink more, but wife is not a drinker and doesn't tolerate me drinking more than once a week, and in moderation." (LOL)

"i'd be an alcoholic if beer wasn't so expensive..."

Apparently this article is not from the most reliable source (it's compared to The Sun in the commentary which sort of says it all), but popular press like that has a big impact on the general public. So as much as I'm laughing out loud at this article, it just can't be good to have this sort of rubbish published. It cannot help the real alcoholic. 

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  1. I feel bad admitting it but thats just brought a smile to my face - thanks for the giggle