Thursday, 1 September 2011


Whenever I write a post that contains something positive about my relationship, said relationship crumbles before my eyes just days after. Well, now the relationship has been put on hold. My mind is quiet and I can sleep at night. I'm convinced that being in a relationship destroys my peace and ability to see clearly. It's like a drug. I wish one could switch hormones on and off at will. At least I'm sober and not doing stupid things, and for that I'm grateful.

I said good-bye to a very dear friend today who had to go back to university, had lunch with another friend and her two lovely boys, ate a huge ice-cream, worked and went to a meeting that discussed tradition 9. I'm not a huge fan of talking about the traditions but it's amazing what people do come up with. Tomorrow I'll go swimming in the morning, work all day, then another meeting, then maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to squeeze in some study time, but I doubt it very much. Now I'm going to curl up in bed and read a book for about 10 minutes before I fall asleep. Night all!

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  1. Relationships in recovery are a challenge. I am still learning how to have them and probably will continue. Each one brings new insights about me.

    With time you may start to enjoy the traditions. The traditions are what has kept AA from self destructing.

    Glad to read you are staying happy, joyous and free!!