Sunday, 12 June 2011


In an act of bravery and part dread I decided to ask a good friend in the AA to be my sponsor and she willingly accepted and has already given me an assignment. It feels good to finally start working with the Big Book in a more structured way, as before I've just read parts of it and not really got it. Saying that, I do understand what it says but I haven't applied any of the ideas or methods to my own life yet. It's day 6 and I haven't taken a drink. It's still early days but I can't help but feeling proud. It's such a huge relief! Even though I know I will always have this illness and never be cured, I know that with the right support and me putting in the work I have a good chance of staying sober, which is what I want more than anything else.

Uni work is going better as well. I'm no longer constantly drunk or hungover which means I can actually concentrate on my readings and understand it and apply it to my work. I feel so grateful for that.

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