Friday, 8 July 2011

Drug dream

Ok, hold on a minute.

My drug of choice was always alcohol. During my first six months in England I also used cocaine at the weekends, but drink was always my primary drug. The night before last I had a drinking dream, last night I dreamt that I took some kind of prescription drug at a house party and started feeling really strange and horrible. I said to the people at the party that I'm teetotal and don't do very well with drugs, I feel uncomfortable, I want to go home. Then it was sort of a struggle to leave that place. They offered me coke and pills and wanted me to stay. Just like with the taste of the lager, the feeling of strangeness from taking that pill felt so real and I can recall the feeling still now. There was no drink at that party and it was all very odd.

When I was a kid we were always told that alcohol was the gateway to using heavier drugs as a means of putting us off (that didn't work). But I didn't realise that applied to dreams about it as well!

I wonder if this came about because I met someone at the meeting last night who said that if I ever needed a meeting but couldn't get to AA on a given day, there was always NA, where they consider alcohol a drug. This sparked a bit of a heated debate with another member who didn't think you should go to NA unless you are addicted to drugs. I felt uncomfortable and was happy to leave.

Tonight I'm going to one of my two favourite meetings. I'm very much looking forward to that.

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