Friday, 29 July 2011

Migraine and sleeplessness

I've been so lucky to have been perfectly healthy these past 7 weeks of sobriety. Yesterday my first migraine came out of nowhere and prompted me to spend most of the day in bed after I'd been swimming. Worked my two hours in the kitchen, went to a meeting where I sat with my head in my hands, went home and took a couple of codeine based painkillers and went back to bed. When it was time to go to bed properly I couldn't get any sleep for ages, my partner couldn't sleep either so was tossing and turning. When I woke up this morning it was only about 6am and my head was still splitting and I was sweating buckets. It felt not unlike my mornings-after. I really feel hungover today and it sucks. Missed going to the gym this morning. I'm just praying and hoping I'll feel alright later and that I can resume my routine tomorrow. I know it's a stupid little problem, but it worries me because when I've stopped drinking for longer periods in the past (without any help or support, before I knew I was an alcoholic) I've been very ill with constant headaches and migraines incapacitating me and leaving me feeling frustrated and wondering what the point of being sober is. I'm terrified that it's going to happen again. Hence this long rant about a sodding migraine.

I am grateful that it's not self-inflicted. But still.

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